Causal Coach, Mind Management Expert, CBT Practitioner,
Meditation Teacher, Human Behavior Researcher


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Check out my books. I share the most valuable information I’ve learned over the past ten years, the principles that changed my life and the ultimate tools to unfuck your brain.



My passion is using my unique skillset to get my clients the freedom in their life they deserve. My practice is all about strategic action, self-empowerment and long-term solutions. I love my clients and I love seeing them change their lives.

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Learn to meditate with some motherfuckitude. I went from complete skeptic to meditation teacher because it changed my life. Learn how to manage stress and live more with this modern real world approach to meditation.

Hi! I'm Kelly Mackin.

I help people challenge and upgrade how they think about their world so they can elevate their world. I’m a Cognitive Emotional Behavioral (CEB) coach with an expertise in mind management. I optimize what you think, feel and do so you can create a life you want to wake up to everyday and be the person you want to be living it.

ANYTHING you want to do, change or become starts in your mind first. I’m a forever student of learning about our human brains and a quantitative researcher on what drives our behavior.

Leveraging my experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and meditation, I help people find freedom from their past, live on purpose, with purpose, in the present and create their desired future. You can read my book about it here.


You have to think differently to create a different future. Your mindset is rooted in the past, but if you think the same way you have thought in the past you will create more of the past. The way you cultivate an optimal mindset is adopting strong principles with damn conviction.

In this 70-age eBook I share ten principles to help you do some mental redecorating. Whether you just need to do some decluttering or if full-on renovations are in order, these principles will help you elevate your mind and your life.



It wasn’t until I started studying our brain that I learned just how messed up it was and also just how truly empowering it was. We create beliefs and meaning in our minds that drives our emotions, behavior and outcomes, but it all starts in that brain of yours. The problem is no one ever taught us how to become the master of it and optimize it. 

I went ALL IN to become an expert in the tools and techniques to manage your mind, get all the bullshit and clutter that creates our stress and fear out of your head and upgrade your brain to version 2.0. It changed my whole life and I’m on a mission to help it change yours, which is why I’m giving it away free.  

The most valuable information I have learned over the past ten years is packaged up in this FREE 90-page guide!


We don’t meditate to become good at meditation, we meditate to become our best self, to live our best life.”

Once a complete meditation disbeliever, I’m now a Certified Unplug Meditation Teacher. I bring a modern approach to the practice to help stubborn or weary skeptics like me give it a try so they can receive the life-changing benefits. I use it as a practical tool to help my clients decrease stress, expand the mind, gain greater clarity and live a better life.

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