Hi! I'm Kelly Mackin

With my unique blended background and experience I help people create a life they want to wake up to everyday and be the person they want to be living it. 



I’m a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner and forever student of our human brains who helps people master the interconnected relationship of their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Everything starts with the mind, but you can’t optimize it if you don’t know how it works. I give my clients the tools and critical foundational understanding to manage their brain.

Causal CoachING

My practice is in causal coaching, starting with the foundation and root case which is always our human brain. I help my clients live with a managed mind to develop a better emotional life that fuels favorable actions and decisions to create their desired outcomes. I leverage my unique blended experience to give people find freedom from their past, create the results they want for their future and live on purpose, with purpose, in the present.

Human Behavior Quantitative Researcher

I love understanding why we do what we do. I’m a researcher of behavior, cognition and emotion and conduct quantitative research to gain insights into pivotal life areas. I use my findings to develop frameworks and concepts to better understand the world and ourselves. 

Certified Meditation Teacher & MINDFULNESS EXPERT

I was resistant to try meditation, a complete skeptic, but once I was coerced into giving it a chance it changed my life. The benefits are endless, meditation and mindfulness helps you show up as the best version of yourself. I help my clients use one of the most powerful tools we have to combat stress, cultivate awareness and live a more mindful fulfilled life.

A Bit About Me.

  • My recipe for wellness is sweat therapy + meditation + a glass of sparking rosé.
  • I spent years helping mission-based organizations tell their stories and raise more money so they can do more good in the world. Giving back is extremely important to me.
  • Just as at home in my heels as I am in my hiking boots, my happy place is on a mountain or a dance floor. I’ve stood at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp.
  • I’m a mental health advocate and wellness devotee who believes being strong physically makes you strong mentally, you will often find me in the boxing ring.
  • A voracious reader and devourer of thought-provoking content related to reaching our potential, managing our minds and living a good life.
  • I’m crazy about my big – eared pup, cherish soulful conversations and call California home.

Why I Do What I Do Today.

Ten years ago, with the cards and evidence stacked against me in many ways I made a promise to myself, that I would pursue the greatest possible version of what my life could be, no matter what. A terrifying promise at the time, but thankfully I kept that promise. I wouldn’t be living the life I am so grateful I get to live, one I couldn’t imagine would be real, without the experience and knowledge I have today. In the pursuit of keeping that promise to myself I found freedom. Freedom from my past, outdated beliefs, anxiety that consumed me, perfectionism, fear, and financial burdens. Freedom to go after the possibility of what my life could be. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help my clients find their freedom.

My promise to myself led me to move across the country to California to start a new life and to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,354 ft. when my fiancé broke up with me 8 weeks before my wedding. You can read my story in my free eBook Redecorate Your Mind. 

It led me to strength when I financially and emotionally provided for my family of 4 at the age of 24. I know what its like to have to choose to either pay for gas or food and lay awake not knowing if you will be evicted tomorrow. To pull all-nighters to get any promotional pay bump to better support your family.

It helped me overcome my depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress that was controlling my life.  I spent years with expensive therapists who just wanted to over medicate me. At times it seemed hopeless and impossibly difficult but I was relentless to overcome them. It wasn’t until I found the work I do now that everything changed. Now I’m on the other side, dedicated to helping as many people work through these obstacles as I can.

It gave me the courage to dream again. I had lost the dreamer in me underneath the clutter of hardship and pain but I learned how to dream again and pursue my ambitions. From getting out of debt, and being in the best shape of my life to climbing to Everest Base Camp, I started to get after the things in life I dreamt of.

It gave me forgiveness and healing from a difficult relationship with my father who passed. I loved him but he was an abusive alcoholic battling depression and anxiety. Being able to change my relationship with him opened new paths in my life.

It made me stop self-sabotaging by choosing destructive behaviors to fill painful voids in my life. I stopped over drinking and smoking cigarettes, I stopped dating the wrong people and started living the life I was meant to.

It gave me the confidence to walk away from being a workaholic in a job I loathed who put her self-worth into her job title and completely redefined what success meant to me. 

It led me to living my purpose, giving others the insight that changed my life. To be able to do this work in honor of my father who didn’t have the tools and help to live the life he wanted to.