How To Create Your Future From Your Future Not Your Past – Part 1

You have to think different, to feel different, to do different. Your brain hates that. Your brain is wired to keep you alive, it wants control and certainty, it thrives on familiarity and feeling safe. It doesn’t want to think different. We are still living with the exact same programming in our primitive brains as our ancestors did, but living in a modern world. The two don’t mix so well. Even though we aren’t constantly “in danger” the way our ancestors were our brain doesn’t fully know the difference. What the primitive part of your brain has thought up until this point has kept you from danger, it’s kept you alive, it thinks “If it’s not broke why fix it?”


“Every thought we think is creating our future.” – Louise Hay

The brain automatically fires existing circuits based on what you already know, on what is familiar. The brain likes its short-cuts and conserving energy. It likes to project the past onto the future and make decisions from your past. It uses the past as proof of what is possible and likely for the future. If you were able to do something in the past then your brain thinks there is a good shot you can do it in the future. If you have never done it your brain isn’t sure you can do it, it’s uncertain and your brain worries and doubts when things are uncertain.

Your mindset is your collection of thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that shape your thought habits. If you keep those same thought habits from the past, you will create more of your past. The word “mindset” was first used in the 1930s to mean “habits of the mind formed by previous experience.” It gives you an incomplete way of interpreting the world, given it’s restricted to only your previous life encounters. If your mind is limited by the narrow experience and evidence of your past then you will just keep repeating your past, that’s why so many people do repeat their past and keep getting the same outcomes in their life. The ability to create future desired outcomes starts in your mind first, creating new thoughts you have never thought before and elevating your mindset.

We have to literally create new thoughts that we’ve never thought before in order to create a new future we’ve never created before.” – Brooke Castillo

If you think the same thoughts which will lead you to show up the same way in your life today as you showed up yesterday then don’t expect that your tomorrow will be different. You have to break the habit of being yourself, stop recycling the same thoughts and embrace acting “out of character.” You have to become your future self now to create the future you desire.

People will say things to me like:

  • Once I lose the weight then I’ll be that person who doesn’t give into my cravings
  • Once I get the promotion then I’ll be confident in the meetings
  • Once I’m out of debt then I’ll be good with budgeting my money
  • Once I know it’s possible to achieve this then I’ll go all in
  • Once I’m in good shape I won’t miss my work outs as much
  • Once I make a profit in my business then I’ll believe and take the risks

That is not how it works. You don’t get the outcomes and then become the person, you become the person and then you get the outcomes. You have to think the thoughts to create the feelings to act in the ways your future self would act to create the results your future self has. You have to become the future version of you now (regardless of the current situation in your life) to create the results. In order to make your future bigger than your past you have to transcend your current circumstances with your thinking, believing in a bigger future.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it “ – Abraham Lincoln

If you look to the past to determine what you are capable of you will be limiting yourself in a big way. If you really lived life constricted to past experience what would your life look like today? You would be someone who could not walk, ride a bike, use a computer or cook a meal. If you had needed past proof that you could ride a bike before you learned to ride the bike you would never have learned how to do it.

All things are impossible until they are created. It’s really crazy to think of all the things that would not exist today if it was based on what we knew was possible. We wouldn’t have planes or computers, fashionable clothes or cell phones. Restaurants or movies. All those things came from someone’s imagination, it started in their mind.

Can you imagine saying I can’t learn to walk because I’ve never done it before? Then how come you allow yourself to say, “I can’t do x,y or z in my future because I’ve never done it before?” The truth is you don’t know what you are capable of doing. You have to develop the skill of believing in your future self without evidence, living from your possibility not your history. Make a list of all the excuses you have told yourself because of your past of why you can’t do better, have more, change, be happier, and then take that list and set it on fire.


 “Your future is your property. Because by definition, it hasn’t happened yet, it exists only in your mind. This means you can choose to make it whatever you want.” – Dan Sullivan

 Remove your history bias and re-write the past in language that supports the future you want. Your past exists now only in your mind, if you choose to think thoughts that make your past mean you can’t have what you want for your future then you are sabotaging yourself from becoming the person you want to become and having the life you want to have. You have to choose, be loyal to your future or be loyal to your past, you can’t do both.

 “You create your future with the power of intention. Intention is simply the conscious act of determining your future now.” Rhonda Byrne

There is no limit on what you can believe about your future. No one can tell you what is possible or what to believe in. You do not need anyone’s permission, ever. So why not choose beliefs that empower you instead of restrict you.

Part 2 continued here.